A page from an unknown diary.

"They stole my map to the Pool. Somehow they knew when I was coming and exactly what to look for. They didn't even bother to kill me; they said I wasn't worth killing. They just crippled my legs, took the map, and rode away laughing.

"After the attack and the rigors of my trek all I remember is that the Pool is in the Dragonspine, north and west of Sorcerer's Island. It shines just like they said it would. You can feel the power flowing out of it. Kings and generals have searched for the Pool, and I had a map that led right to it.

"If I ever get back the use of my legs I'll go after them. I'll get back my map. I'll get to the Pool. And this time I'll bathe in its power. Then I'll teach them. I'll teach them all."

Relevance Edit


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