A cleanly written note on standard paper found on the body of a dead trader.


"Hello my good friend. I hope you and your brood are well. I am tired; tired of trekking through unspeakable swamps and over unclimbable mountains to take my meager wares to ungrateful customers.

"Only one event has saved this year's sales. I found a castle full of happy folk, who were very good customers. They were starved for goods and news from the outside world. And well they should be, their castle was in the middle of a small forest, and the forest was in the middle of a swamp!

"These people seemed to know nothing of recent events. They still spoke of Phlan as if it were in its full flower. And they paid in old Phlanian Gold Soverigns, double the weight of the newer gold coins!

"Though they were out of date, they were very friendly and prosperous. I saw more than one gem glitter in the sun, and several swords showed a flash that made me think they were magic. If you are willing to dodge the vermin of the swamp I would add this castle to your trading route. Speed to your horse, strength to your arm, and skill to your trading."

Your Friend,


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