A loosely wrapped scroll.

"Armalg-the-Good, paladin and brother of Taimalg-the-Invincible, and Sarasim of Teshwave, the high priestess of Sune, attacked the denziens of the Valhingen Graveyard with a holy vengeance. They came in search of Taimalg and his mercenary band, who assaulted the graveyard and did not return.

"Sarasim used her holy power to dissipate and turn the undead that confronted them. Aramalg wielded his vorpal sword and slew the few that fought her power.

"Together, Aramalg and Sarasim penetrated the graveyard to an evil marble crypt. They found and splintered an empty coffin, blessing the remains and sprinkling it with holy water. Then they confronted the owner of the coffin, a creature of great evil and the leader of the undead in Valhingen, an ancient vampire. The three began a furious melee.

"The vampire was swayed by Aramalg and Sarasim's power, but would not be turned. The vampire shouted, 'I have defeated Taimalg and his warriors, I will defeat the brother of Taimalg as well!'

"The vampire summoned an army of rats and tried to charm Sarasim to his side, but to no avail. Sarasim resisted his charm and Aramalg charged through the massed vermin. The vampire fell before the might blows of Aramalg's holy sword and Sarasim's enchanted mace.

"Defeated, the ancient vampire dissolved into gas and fled to his coffin. Finding the coffin destroyed he returned to solid form and screamed. Seizing the moment Aramalg grabbed the vampire and held him with all of his strength. Sarasim ran up and drove an oaken stake through the vampire's heart.

"Aramalg and Sarasim performed the proper rituals to banish the vampire forever. Then, wounded, Aramalg and Sarasim left Valhingen Graveyard. It was beyond their power to completely cleanse the evil place, but they had extracted proper vengeance for the death of Tiamalg and his troops."

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