A piece of old, expensive paper written in a dried brown fluid.

"Cursed is the child Porphyrys. He who was visited by the spirit of fire in his cradle. He who burned his nursemaid, and he who called the armies of the night down from the mountains.

"Possessed is the one called Porphyrys. When the spirit of evil is in him you can see the fire in his eyes. When he is possessed, the ground trembles with his power and the nearby plants wither as if exposed to a great heat.

"None of the servants will go near the child any more. I think he should have been drowned at birth. But his mother is blind to his possession. She guards him like a tigress protecting a kitten. I think he has ensorcered her.

"For now we have no choice. We will evacuate the city by ship on the morrow. And the accursed child shall come along. I swear that he smiles every time there is an explosion, or anytime you hear a man scream. Saints preserve us all from this demon child."

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