The cleric is a holy crusader who fights for the causes of his religion. Due to religious restrictions, he cannot use a cutting weapon that draws blood, such as a sword or an arrow, but can use any form of armor and use crushing weapons, such as a mace. He casts holy spells that can heal and support his friends and also uses his natural holy power to drive away undead. Some magic items are actually holy objects that only a cleric can use. A cleric gains 1-8 HP with every advance in level to 9th level, plus any constitution bonus. From 10th level on, he adds 2 HP per level, without constitution bonus.

Armor/Weapon RestrictionsEdit

  • Armor: any
  • Shield: any
  • Weapons: club, flail, hammer, mace, staff


Level Experience SL 1 SL 2 SL 3
1 0 - 1,500 1 - -
2 1,501 - 3,000 2 - -
3 3,001 - 6,000 2 1 -
4 6,001 - 13,000 3 2 -
5 13,001 - 27,500 3 3 1
6 27,501 - 55,000 3 3 2

Note: Clerics get additional spells by level if they have a Wisdom of 13 or greater.

Turning UndeadEdit

A good or evil cleric (not a neutral one) has a certain influence on undead. They extend this influence by using the Turn command in the Combat Menu. The cleric's level determines how many undead and what kind can be influenced. Evil clerics can make undead either neutral or friendly to the party. Good clerics can drive the undead away and may be able to destroy them if the cleric is of a high enough level and the undead are of a low-enough level.

The following is a list of undead in increasing order of power and what minimum level of cleric a character has to be to have any influence over them. Low level clerics generally have a chance, not a certainty, of affecting undead.

Monster Min. Level
Skeleton 1st
Zombie 1st
Ghoul 1st
Wight 1st
Wraith 3rd
Mummy 4th
Spectre 5th
Vampire 6th