There are six ability scores. Ability scores are based on a range from 3 (low) to 18 (high).

Prime RequisiteEdit

Each character class has a Prime Requisite ability score. A Prime Requisite of 15 or more increases the amount of experience you get from adventures.

Strength (Str)Edit

This measures how much you can carry and how much damage you do in fights. The Prime Requisite for fighters is strength.

Fighters with an 18 Str also have a percent value from 1 to 100 (listed as 01-00), denoting your highest possible strength.

Intelligence (Int)Edit

This measures how much you can memorize. The Prime Requisite for magic-users is intelligence.

Wisdom (Wis)Edit

This measures how well you can understand and interact with the world. The Prime Requisite for clerics is wisdom.

Dexterity (Dex)Edit

This measures your manual dexterity and agility. The Prime Requisite for thieves is dexterity.

Constitution (Con)Edit

This measures your overall health. It affects both hit points and your chances of surviving the effects of a Raise Dead spell.

Charisma (Cha)Edit

This measures how well you interact with other characters.

Hit Points (HP)Edit

This is derived from your Con, your level, and your character class.

  • You gain a bonus to your HP for every level gained, if your Con is over 14.
  • If you reach 0 HP, you are unconscious, and may be dying or dead depending on how much damage you took.

Experience Points (XP)Edit

Every character starts at 0 XP.